Creating A Trendy Farmhouse Look in Interior

Farmhouse Look

Do you fall head-over-heels for farmhouse style? Do you want to create a contemporary farm-house interior in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, stoep or lounge? If the answer is “Yes” we are here to assist. With the help of trendy farmhouse design, you will experience its comfort and simplicity, which could not only make you but your guests feel they are at home (even if they have never set foot on a farm). The first step to start with is to choose attractive furniture like TCL 083 – be sure, with this transparent clear stool you will attract your guests’ attention (this type of furniture is also one of the most efficient restaurant strategies, which is used to attract more customers).

What is country style?

Every country has its own unique pastoral or country style. In South Africa, this style has been shaped by a host of contemporary international tendencies and old nostalgia. The result is a comfortable, relaxed home where yesterday’s fashion cobwebs have been dusted off and where both old and new lives are in perfect harmony.

The golden thread is simplicity. Keep this in mind when making decisions regarding architecture, furniture, and styling. There are no rules about color. If you combine red, white and blue with earthy tones and textures, you will achieve the desired effect.

Artless Architecture

High ceilings and open rafters contribute significantly to the atmosphere. An open hearth and plenty of wood finishes also drive home the feel of a mountain cabin or old barn.

Originality Trumps

An original art or craft piece is one of the easiest ways to put your stamp on a room. A landscape painting will enhance the country theme.

Country Still Life

By cleverly grouping a few nostalgic farmhouse items, you can turn an empty corner into an exciting space. Baskets not only add character but can be a convenient storage space for wood or patchwork pieces.

Accent Colors

Using dark blue as an accent color makes a room more homely. Repeat the intensity in the scatter cushions, throws, and in the mat.

Soft Sofas

Comfort is critical in contemporary country style. Dark leather couches with simple lines are durable and comfortable.

Earthy Elements

Choose earthy ornaments inspired by nature, such as cattle horns on a stone dish.

Natural Textures

Earthy – is the main keyword. It means you need to stick to natural textures, such as the woven carpet and cotton rug.

Wooden Furniture

Oregon pine furniture should be old, full of character and unadorned. The country look will be incomplete without a few antique Oregon pieces.


Keep the kitchen earthy, generously decorated with baskets, old lanterns, and weather-beaten finds. A long table becomes the heart of the kitchen – this is where you eat, work and relax. Throw in a touch of color with a French-inspired striped tablecloth and dishcloths.


The rustic bedroom requires an old wooden or wrought iron bed, combined with Oregon pine furniture. White bedlinen speaks of times gone by – but today myriad variations are available, such as the added texture of embroidery details. A quilt is a perfect finish. Antique silver bedside lamps are classic and timeless.


Stick to classic designs for baths, basins, and taps, such as ball-and-claw legs and brass taps. The corrugated iron bathroom was a recent addition to the house, as bathrooms were not common a hundred years ago. The corrugated iron panels also go a long way to creating a country feel.

Step out

Distressed and weathered wooden and metal furniture, lots of pot plants, creepers and a wooden canopy is bound to create a pastoral setting. Crisp, inviting cushions and a cotton tablecloth lends a touch of color to a county stoep.

Children’s room

Stick to simple wooden furniture. Antique pieces will always have a lot more character than brand new, mass-produced goods. Handmade toys and cushions are typical of an old country look. You can make your own, or commission Granny pitch in and make something. A quilt is also more appropriate to this look than a duvet.