Outdoor Relaxation Stations Are Must-Have

Take a look at how you can spruce up your outdoor areas for stylish, al fresco fun. Kitting out your stoep or balcony as additional space for visitors, friends, guests can be more of a lifestyle choice. Not only wholesale farm tables but outdoor relaxation stations are also the new restaurant trend of 2019. This is a thing what makes a restaurant great and make restaurant experience more unforgettable and pleasant.

Yet many people are not sure where to start. And here are some essential guidelines.

Work with your stoep or garden nook as you would any other room in your home. What can you lay on the floor? What can you hang on the wall? Which light fittings will create focal points? Which furniture pieces will work well together?

And lastly, how can you give it personality with soft decor elements such as scatter cushions, tablecloths, and flowers? We take a look at a few inviting outdoor rooms and show you how to create the perfect one…

Under a pergola

A simple pergola can be an easy way to complete the stoep and define it. Because it’s not a solid structure, the whole entertainment area gets sun all day long. The sandstone tiles on the floor give it the feel of a room, but also offer an earthy integration between inside and out. A low wall separates the stoep from the garden but, because the tile floor and grass are on the same level, the two areas flow into each other.

Get the look

• If you want your patio to feel like a living room, forget about plastic furniture. Instead, take some indoor furniture outside or give an old piece new life by painting it; the weathered look suits this space.

Soften steel and wooden chairs with cushions – these can be taken inside if the weather is bad.

Potted plants of varying heights facilitate the transition between patio and garden while softening the space and adding color.

Creeping along

A small townhouse stoep becomes a more spacious entertainment area for homes, pubs, restaurants etc., thanks to an enchanting wisteria bower that also provides shade. A few minor additions and alterations create the perfect finishing touches for this space.

• The dark face-brick pillars and garden wall were painted white, which instantly gave it a fresh appearance.

• Stones were used as a simple groundcover.

• Friezes, also known as ‘broekie lace,’ were added to create lovely soft detail.

• Hanging baskets filled with petunias and potted impatiens provide some color.

• Two weathered blue shutters add Mediterranean character.

• An old cane table received a fresh coat of paint – see why you should never just get rid of old furniture?

• Folding chairs are not just for the beach; add pillows and they become a comfortable addition to your outdoor living room.

• Soft fabric and cushions on the bench add further comfort.

On the deck

A timber deck is an excellent foundation for an entertainment area – either around the house or around a pool. It’s easy to keep clean as sand simply slips through,  and it’s warm under bare feet. The deck featured is untreated balau.

By the poolside

You can also demolish the wooden structure and create a poolside retreat that pays tribute to their yen for mystical Morocco. Initially, construction can be centered on concealing the pump but evolved into a complete outside room, including built-in seating. A corrugated iron roof and slate tiles always finish it off beautifully.

Lounging under the Lap

There’s nothing like an amazing holiday to inspire blissful surroundings at home. By simply extending a patio and replacing the overhanging corrugated iron roof with thatch, it is possible to create a spacious entertainment area overlooking the pool.

Under a spacious veranda

In 2019, a lovely garden is another variant for beautiful spacious stoep that can have us going back for another visit. Such a stoep can wrap around the back of the house and overlook the garden. A beautiful cement screed floor usually adds a contemporary yet earthy feel, while the ceiling’s exposed beams and reeds add to a more relaxed atmosphere.